Akshata and Soma

"With FMS we know our son is in a happy, safe,  and fun-filled environment. We would highly recommend FMS to anyone looking for a great pre-school program."

Kasdorf Family

"When my husband and I relocated to Virginia from New York on short notice, we scrambled to find a Montessori school like the one my son was attending back home. We visited several schools, but we chose Freedom Montessori because of it's family-like atmosphere."

Amy Fernandez

"The staff go above and beyond when treating my son as an individual with his own sets of needs, strengths, and weaknesses. They are so patient and loving; I am so thankful for Miss Dimple, Miss Lindsey, Miss Heather, and Miss Anna for the amazing job they do with my son and the continued feedback is very helpful and appreciated."

Pam Cave

“I have 5 other children and can say this is the best school I’ve seen. George has learned more than I could have hoped for at Freedom. The comfortable, cozy, and family-friendly school and atmosphere are ideal for young children in a first school setting.”

Roxy and Dave

​​"Jackson is growing daily and it is evident because at Freedom Montessori, he is given the opportunity to explore and learn daily."

Adam and Cathy Gurson

“The Montessori method is so well executed here!  We have been so impressed with Ollie’s positive changes that we enrolled his little brother Charlie soon after.”

Foleys Family

“We are very happy with our experience as part of the Freedom family – and, we are very, very comfortable entrusting our daughter’s growth and development with the Freedom team each day!  We’d recommend this school and program to anyone – and will continue to do just that! Thank you for all you do!”

O'Laughlin Family

​​“We have two daughters at Freedom, Maggie, 6; and Anne, 4. Maggie’s emotional and academic achievements are a true testament to Ms. Lindsey’s dedication and success. Freedom Montessori provides a great foundation for life-long learning! The most important thing is that our daughters love going to school.  They are excited to learn and feel proud of their accomplishments. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you Freedom!”

Ghandi Family

​"Freedom Montessori school has been like a second home for our daughter Khushi. She feels comfortable in the warm environment and has gained immerse confidence in the montessori philosophy. This is due to the amazing teachers - Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Ruth that are very attentive and focused to every child' needs...The quality of education being provided at The Freedom Montessori School is reflected through the kids."

Havey Nguyen

“Freedom has been a very safe and nurturing environment for Evie to learn and grow.  I look forward to seeing her continue to thrive with her friends and teachers and FMS.”

Carter Family

​"We have been thrilled with the progress that Aidan has made at Freedom. When he started, he hated to color and would rush through it as quickly as possible. Now he learned to slow down and enjoy coloring pictures, but he often brings home detailed drawings that he has made and is really proud to show them to us. He has deveoped a love for reading, storytelling, and math ( he is doing addition, subtraction, and has even begun multiplication and division). He knows more geography than many adults I know, and has learned a good deal of Spanish."

Anand Family

"We love Freedom for its rigorous curriculum, nurturing environment, and small size. We're all made to feel like we're one big family, and this is reflected in how the children treat one another."

Theo and Selim

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service."Everyone at the school has welcomed him with open arms, and we are grateful for that. Ms. Ruth and Ms. Lindsey are so loving and patient with him. They are such great teachers. I wish Kutay could be with them through high school! And we look forward to sending Kutay's little sister to Freedom Montessori in a few years."

Celio G.

"Where do I start? Outstanding service, education, staff, teachers; I was in need of desperate childcare and I stumbled upon Freedom Montessori School. The owner is a very nice, CARING person as well as their teachers. It is reassuring as a parent the owner of the business is always on site as is Mrs. Dimple.  I can honestly say that the few times I dropped in before enrolling my son; the teachers would always be very engaging with the children.  Children were always doing their activities and not being ignored like it is typical in other day cares.  I am upset that my child can no longer attend due to a change in my schedule. I live in Ashburn which is supposed to have "awesome Pre-K/ schools" and honestly this is the best Pre-K I have seen!!! I would recommend this school to anyone in a heartbeat. Also another thing worth pointing out is that their teacher are actual teachers with DEGREEs with years of experience, Spanish is taught here as well by a Fairfax county teacher who is a native speaker!"

Cottrell Family

“My daughter, Clara, has had a wonderful experience at Freedom Montessori School.  First she absolutely loves going to school, adores her teachers, and is happy and comfortable. As a parent, I greatly appreciate the well rounded, multicultural education provided.  Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Ruth provide meaningful learning experiences in which the students row academically and socially. Clara is developing a strong foundation of math, reading, printing, science, and the world every day. In addition, the kids have learned to focus while working- it’s unbelievable to see the kids all engaged and working independently.”